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Dr. Joe Benson
"Using Assessment to Engage Students and Enhance Student Learning"
Dr. Silas Blackstock “Effective Classroom Teaching – Some Techniques that have Worked for Me (and some that have not)”
Dr. David Brommer "Using Tegrity: A Course Capture Application"
Dr. Melodie Carter “Motivating Students to Excel”
Dr. Kim Caldwell and
Dr. Juan Lopez-Bautista
"Promoting Active Learning in Large Lecture Classrooms"
Dr. George Daniels "Podcasting as a Pathway to Engaged Learning"
Discussion Panel "Status of Active and Collaborative Learning at UA"
Dr. Rona Donahoe “Interactive Learning: A Critical Tool for Teaching Science”
Dr. Amy Driscoll "Learner-Centered Teaching and Assessment: An Ethical Framework"
Dr. Sydney Duncan "Learning in New Classroom Spaces – the Wireless Lap Top Classroom"
Dr. Peter Felton "Making Learning Visible in Active and Collaborative Classes"
Dr. J. Brian Gray "Useful Techniques for Teaching and Managing Large Lecture Sections"
Dr. Stanley E. Jones "The Effect of Uninspiring People"
Dr. Ralph Lane "The Art of the Virtual Science Lab"
Dr. Hank Lazer and
Dr. Kirk Summers
“Tapping into UA’s Active and Collaborative Learning Grants”
Dr. Rasma Lazda-Cazers "Using for Plagiarism Prevention"
Dr. Richard Livingston "Designing Classes around Student Learning Styles "
Dr. Joseph Neggers “Make It Look Easy, but Tell Them it’s Hard”
Dr. Robert Olin and
Dr. Joesph Benson
“Becoming a Learning Centered College”
Dr. Daniel C. Powell "Using Multi-Media to Promote Active Learning"
Dr. Lucinda Roff "Perspectives on Excellence in Teaching"
Dr. Amilcar Shabazz “Language Matters: Teaching New Worlds/New Words/New Ways”
Dr. Joyce Stallworth and
Ms. Rebecca Ballard
“Assessing Student Learning Outcomes”
Dr. Joyce Stallworth
Dr. Liza Wilson and
Dr. Vivian Wright
“Using Electronic Student Portfolios for Student learning outcomes”
Dr. Kirk Summers "Active Learning in Large Lecture Classes"
Dr. Gary Taylor “Using Group Discussion to Promote Active Learning”
Dr. Joseph Thrasher "Class Attendance and Academic Performance"
Dr. Ann Webb

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